Content Recovery App for Smartphones & Tablets with Broken Screens & Touch Panels

SmartIO's Content Recovery solution is a highly innovative mobile data recovery app that allows users to recover important data from smartphones and tablets that have broken or damaged touchscreens, or unresponsive touch panels, and restore it on another. Any mobile device configured with this solution gives its owner the peace of mind that no other product in the market offers. Powered by our Connectix™ technology, our Content Recovery app facilitates retailers and mobile repairing POS to recover data - including contacts, videos, calendars, SMS, audio files, bookmarks and pictures from desired smartphones or tablets to other mobile devices, over Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

Available On

blackBerry world

Supported Content

recover multiple content

Recover multiple content types

Recover Contacts, Pictures, Videos, Audio files, Applications, Calendars, WhatsApp Chat, Line Messenger, Documents and so much more, from one device and restore it on another.

cross platform content recovery

Cross-platform content recovery

Easily recover content from devices that run on different platforms, including iOS, Android and BlackBerry OS. Seamlessly restore content on the same or different OS.

multiple connectivity options

Multiple connectivity options

Recover mobile phone data and restore it over Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Hotspots or cellular data connection. Multiple connectivity options make this solution flexible to your needs.

secure data recovery

Secure data recovery

No need to worry about your data being stored on the Cloud, or on a 3rd party server. All data is recovered and restored upon command. So your data remains up-to-date and fresh.

quick device configuration

Quick device configuration

Simply configure a device, either at the time of purchase, or after, to allow instantaneous data recovery and restoration in case of screen damage, breakage or malfunction.

peace of mind

Peace of mind - Guaranteed

Offer your customers a solution that finally gives them peace of mind, and ensures that even if their device's screen malfunction, they can always recover their content.

online stores

Deploy in physical and online stores

Efficiently deploy it in your brick-and-mortar retail stores, or for your online stores. Our Content Recovery solution is an ideal companion for device and device-part sales.

flexible licensing

Flexible licensing

We offer various licensing models to our business customers, giving them the flexibility to choose one that best suits their business needs. Contact for more details.

custom brand

Available for custom branding

This solution is designed to be easily customized to your specific needs. Push your company's image over an application tailored to maximize your brand's visibility in its design and UI.

  • Ideal for touch screen devices that are vulnerable to screen damage or malfunction

  • Create an additional revenue stream using a unique content management solution

  • Effective for customer retention and repeated sales

  • Applicable to the sale of new, old and refurbished devices