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Phone & Content Transfer App

What is SmartIO?

SmartIO is a mobile content manager that allows you to transfer, recover and backup content on smartphones and tablets. It's a comprehensive phone transfer app that allows you to clone various content types, including Contacts, Pictures, Videos & more to and from all major platforms. Anywhere anytime data transfer solution compatible with all mobile devices and supports multiple languages. Telcos, retailers, franchises & enterprise can benefit from SmartIO to deliver value added services, achieve high customer/employee satisfaction and gain additional revenues.

Available On

Data transfer
Data transfer

Available On

Data transfer
Data transfer

Supported Content

  • Transfer contacts
  • photo transfer
  • video transfer
  • audio transfer
  • transfer calendar
  • bookmarks transfer
  • transfer call logs
    Call Logs
  • transfer apps
  • whatsapp transfer
  • transfer line chat
  • reminders
  • sms sharing
  • mms migration
  • kakao talk
    Kakao Talk
  • files transfer
  • transfer word documents
  • transfer ppt
    Power Point
  • migrate text files
    Text Files
  • clone notepad
  • transfer memos

Inside SmartIO

Content Transfer

The most convenient phone transfer app SmartIO is the ultimate tool to clone all mobile content to the new device. This Content Transfer app allows seamless data transfer across all major platforms. You can transfer almost everything ‒ from Contacts to Pictures, Music, Videos and up to 17 content types to and from smartphones and tablets. It's an efficient mobile content manager app that enables fast, unlimited and safe transfer over the hotspot.

Phone transfer app

Phone transfer app
content recovery

Content Recovery

Available exclusively through our business clients.

Our Content Recovery feature is the industry-1st solution that allows you to recover data from smartphones or tablets with broken or damaged touch screens. Check with your smartphone retailer, and get yourself some peace of mind with our Content Recovery solution.

content recovery

Cloud Backup & Restore

Available exclusively through our business clients.

Back up your mobile device's data on the Cloud, and restore it across all major platforms and devices. This solution, which has been designed especially for mobile devices, allows you to safely back up Pictures, Contacts, Videos and so much more onto the Cloud, and keep it organized and manageable.

cloud backup & restore

cloud backup & restore


data transfer solution
3 Solutions
restore data to phone and tablet
Backup for Smartphones & Tablets
Cross platform data transfer
Cross-platform &
available on all major OS
data transfer through wifi
Multiple connectivity options
high speed data transfer
no data limit
No data limit
ideal for e-commerce
Ideal for e-commerce
supports many content types
Supports +17 content types
24-Hour support
SmartIO Analytics

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